Weld Shop Air Cleaning Project = ENERGY SAVINGS

Clark Air Systems manufactured and installed a 23-unit system at Graham Manufacturing to meet the challenges of ever tightening health and safety standards, and to create a better work environment. With a capacity of over 220,000 cfm, the project paid for itself with energy savings over the old exhaust system in just under two years.

In an independent study conducted prior to and shortly after installation, air monitoring showed an almost 40% reduction in airborne particulate matter with over 250% increase in welding, grinding and machining activities.

Air Revolver 10000 air cleaners mounted on stands of various heights around the plant, provide constant air rotation while removing particulates from the air. The heat normally trapped at the ceiling or exhausted to the outside in the past is recycled to achieve an even temperature throughout the plant. A heating fuel savings of over $130,000 was achieved over the first six months of operation. Further savings on cleaning of computer cabinets, welding cabinets, and any other air moving devices has also been realized.