Our Services

Fiberglass Composite Dusts

Dust Hound fiberfrax work stationNo matter what type of dust you need removed, Clark Air has a Dust Collector that will work for you.

Fume Extraction

fume extractor industrial air purifierFume extraction and source capture industrial air purifiers from Clark Air Systems will solve your air quality problems and provide unrivaled air cleaning.

Use Clark Air Systems source capture industrial air purifiers for smoke and fume extraction.

Odor Control

Check out The Air Oasis™ for:

• Suppressing bacteria growth (bacteriostatic), mold growth (mycostatic) and viruses
• Suppressing VOC’s
• Reducing odors

Weld Smoke

smokehound fliptop industrial air purifier

For removal of Weld Smoke we recommend our Smoke Hound units. There is an option for every job size!