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TRI-CELL ASHRAE High Efficient Air Filters

Tri-Dim’s Tri-Cell ASHRAE rated rigid air filter offers high efficiency filtration, and is designed for use in “variable air volume” and turbulent systems.

Tri-Dim’s method of sealing the media pack to the supporting frame prevents the possibility of particulate migration around the filter media by sealing the media on all four sides.

“Tri-Cell ASHRAE” rated rigid filters are available with metal and wood frames, and with single and no-header models. “Tri-Cell ASHRAE” filters are available in efficiencies of 60-65%,80-85%, and 90-95%.

Rigid Filter Descriptions:

TRI-CELL HT (High Temperature)
“Tri-Cell HT” ASHRAE rated rigid filters are available in High Temperature models with 60-65%, and 90-95% efficiencies, and rated for temperatures of 350°F,500°F, 725°F, and 900°F. Both single and double header models are available.

TRI-CELL™ MIF (Machinery Intake Filter)
The “Tri-Cell MIF” ASHRAE rated filter is a heavy-duty, high efficiency filter specifically developed for use as intake filters for rotating machinery, i.e… gas turbines, centrifugal compressors, and engines, where severe pulsing and surging can occur in either airflow direction. The “Tri-Cell MIF” filter is available in 60-65%, and 90-95% models.

TRI-CELL V (High Capacity Ashrae Rated Filters)
“Tri-Cell V” ASHRAE rated rigid filters are offered in 60-65%,80-85%, and 90-95% models, and rated for air volumes up to 3000 CFM. The “Tri-Cell V” is constructed with 200 square feet (24″x24″x12″ model) of waterproof, high strength, micro fiberglass media, formed in a series of mini-pleat filter packs and presented in a metallic frame. The “Tri-Cell V” allows use of high efficient filters in marginal air handling systems, or extra long service life in standard capacity systems (rated at 2000 CFM). Single and double header models are available.


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