Carbon Air Filters

Odor Control
Ordinary particulate filters, while effective at removing dust, pollen, and other airborne pollutants, cannot remove the microscopic gaseous contaminants that cause odors and poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). With Purafil’s combination filters, users can remove both particulates and gases with just one filter.

Carbon Air Filters

New Purafilter

The result of a revolutionary technology, the new Purafilter is designed for the control of odors and common indoor pollutants in demanding HVAC applications. Available only from Purafil, the Purafilter allows for particles of Purafil Select Chemisorbant Media to be secured in a pleated bicomponent fiber filter. As a result, the Purafilter removes a wider variety of odors and gases than activated carbon alone. The filter’s increased removal capacity also ensures fewer filter replacements and lower operating costs.

Front Access System

The Front Access System is a non-powered unit designed to remove gaseous contaminants from outside and recirculation air. The system is composed of individual metal frames containing modules with the user’s choice of dry scrubbing media. Frames can be stacked horizontally or vertically allowing for flexibility in terms of size and media bed depth. Cold rolled steel is the standard material of construction. Construction is also available in aluminum and stainless steel.

Commercial Purafil Side Access Equipment (CPSA)

The CPSA is designed for retrofit into existing HVAC systems and is available in a variety of sizes to meet existing space requirements. The unit contains a pre-filter and/or final filter, doors on both sides, filter tracking and heavy support channels. Fan powered options are also available for retrofit applications. Galvanized steel is the standard material used for the construction of the system housing. Construction is also available in aluminum, stainless steel, and painted cold rolled steel.

FP Gas Phase Filter 

The FP Gas Phase filter is designed to remove a wide range of odors and common indoor air pollutants at high airflows. Constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel and plastic, with 3/4″ honeycomb media packs, the FP Gas Phase filter can be filled with various media to fit the application.

Improve indoor air quality through effective removal of contaminants, odors, and gases. Available with carbon adsorbtion, chemisorption or 50/50 blend of both extended surface, low-pressure drop, high energy savings. available in heavy duty 100% fill Longer service life means lower operating costs.

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