Oil Mist Collectors

Industrial Air Cleaner OMW-800 oil mist collector
OMW-800 oil mist collector
Industrial air cleaner OMW 2000 oil mist collector
OMW 2000 oil mist collector
Industrial Air Cleaner OWM 3000 oil mist collector
OMW 3000 oil mist collector

Industrial Air Cleaner OMW 6000 oil mist collector
OMW 6000 oil mist collector

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Are you tired of purchasing industrial air cleaning equipment for your machining operation that simply does not work properly?

oil mist collectors

The Problem

By not innovating for today’s machine tools, many mist collectors pass oils and coolants into the air and do not improve the environment. Faster spindle speeds and higher pressure coolants have made a lot of equipment and technologies obsolete.  NESHAP (National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants) is recommending lower exposure limits. You need a better solution.

The Solution

Up to HEPA efficiency with very little maintenance. Does that sound good? Well we will guarantee it. We will size it properly so operators are not exposed even when they open the machine doors. Our leak free ducting is also guaranteed. A central system will work great for many shops, or a duct less “one for one” system will work better for others.

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