Oil Mist Collectors

Liquid to gas separation technology was invented over 100 yearsago. Over the past decade, the 3nine separation technology has been awarded over 100 patents making us worldwide leader with over 40% of all the patients globally.

Separation instead of collection

While competing technologies collect particles in a filter media (I.e. electrostatic filtration, mechanical filtration, rotating filtration), the 3nine separation technology is based instead on separating fluid particles with a disc stack, allowing reuse of cutting fluids and lowering maintenance to a minimum. The GREEN LINE Series of units can separate 100% of all particles down to 1µm and 82% of particles as small as 0.75µm.

The HEPA filter (H13)


(The diagram is based on the assumption of 150mg fed in and a log-normal distribution of DV50, S0.6. This would be a fairly difficult application)

In order to capture the finer particles

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