OMW 2000 oil mist air cleaner


The OMW 2000 machine oil mist industrial air cleaner provides superior reliability and efficiency with very little maintenance.

Concept of Operation

  • Contaminated air is drawn into the inlet below the first stage filter where the majority of the oil particles are trapped
  • When the stage 1 filter reaches a state of saturation the oil droplets coalesce and drain down into the sump located below the filter
  • collected oil is automatically pumped away for re-use
  • air passes through a second stage filter, where finer mist and smoke particles are filtered out and coalesced
  • third stage is a non-wicking final filter which captures the remaining smallest particulate down to 0.30 microns
  • The clean Air is then discharged from the top of the collector into the facility
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OMW 2000 machine oil mist industrial air cleaner

A source capture system for oil mist and smoke


•Source Capture
•Self Draining Self Cleaning
•Recycles Expensice Fluids
•1-4 Year Filter Life
•Handles High Pressure Fluid
•Handles Smoke and Mist
•Standard with VFD
•Standard with Fluid Pump
•No Ladders for Maintenance
•(4) Different CFM Models


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