University Medical Facility Performs Testing

Company Profile

A leading private northeastern university and medical research, teaching, and patient care campus. Its four million square foot complex serves 52,000 patients per year and 110,000 emergency room visitors. With an annual budget of $ 2 billion this institution ranks in the top 25% of all medical centers in federally funded research.

The Situation

A local Viledon distributor successfully repelled an extremely aggressive marketing campaign designed to discredit years and years of progress in the areas of filtration technology, energy savings, durability, moisture resistance and life cycle cost. Through counter-testing and extensive discussion, the short-sightedness of the competitive strategy was illuminated, resulting in a five-year extension of the exclusive filter contract for Clark Air Systems, Inc.

The Action

The medical center had a long history of failed fiberglass (“Fine-fiber”) filtration. However, for competitive reasons, the facility decided to allow the competitor to set up testing designed to prove fiberglass filters were “better” than Viledon filters. The fiberglass testing focused on only one small area of performance, while the Clark Air testing showed the larger picture.

The Result

At the conclusion of the testing, and a complete review of the results, a 15-person committee of both technical and managerial personnel voted openly to award the Viledon Distributor – Clark Air Systems, Inc. an exclusive five-year air filter contract.

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The Viledon MF-90 has served the facility over ten years with exceptional results. The competitive claim of “air quality conditions below industry recommended guidelines” are completely unfounded.




The competitor’s testing protocol did not address any of the
shortcomings of fiberglass media filtration. Clark Air’s testing included a detailed validation of the HVAC supply air at the diffuser level, membrane sampling, particle counting, plus an in-depth approach to managing the entire filtration program.