Ultra Spray Booth

Automotive Refinish
Dual-Skin Downdraft Paint Booth
The Ultra Downdraft Spray Booth has become the standard by which all other dual-skin booths are judged, and with good reason. With literally thousands of Ultra booths in daily operation all over the world, the GFS Ultra downdraft is our most popular paint booth.


Featuring our exclusive CAF Controlled Air Flow ceiling design, high-efficiency Ultra Heat System, and optional equipment such as VFD’s and AdvanceCure, the Ultra is the paint booth that can help your shop hit new levels of productivity, and achieve the best quality finishes.

Cabin Specifications:

Internal: 14’w x 9’h x 24’l
External: 14’5″w x 11’h x 24’5″l

Full downdraft airflow during spray and curing cycles through patented Controlled Air Flow ceiling with integrated angled light fixtures

  • Main flow zone concentrates airflow in the spray booth in a protective curtain around the car
  • Main flow zone effectively removes overspray
  • Side flow zones circulate air away from the walls and lights

Dual skin insulated panel construction

  • White pre-coated galvanized steel
  • Weld-free construction prevents rusting and improves spray booth strength

Single- or three-row pit exhaust system or optional raised platform

  • Pre-engineered pit design properly balances air flow
  • Wide 10′ heavy-duty, 4-wing entrance door with observation windows, Side access door with observation window, can be moved to accommodate different spray booth layouts
  • Eight 6-tube ceiling light fixtures, Four 6-tube sidewall light fixtures with energy efficient electronic ballasts
  • Spray booth is designed to accept fire suppression system

Code Compliance:

  • NFPA-33 Standard for spray application using flammable or combustible materials
  • NFPA-86 Standard for ovens and furnaces
  • NFPA-91 Standard for exhaust systems for air conveying of materials
  • NFPA-101 Life Safety Code
  • NFPA-70 National Electric Code
  • OSHA Safety and Health Standards (29 CFR 1910, 1910.107)
  • IFC International Fire Code
  • IBC International Building Code
  • IMC International Mechanical Code
  • BOCA National Fire Prevention Code; National Building Code;
  • National Mechanical Code
  • UFC Uniform Fire Code
  • UBC Uniform Building Code
  • UMC Uniform Mechanical Code
  • SBCCI Standard Fire Prevention Code; Standard Building Code
  • Standard Mechanical Code

Optional AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System:

AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System is optional on the Ultra. Adding AdvanceCure to the interior of the booth vastly improves the productivity of the equipment. AdvanceCure introduces controlled turbulence into the paint booth during the flash-off and cure cycles to rapidly draw vapors out of the painted surfaces. This increased airflow dramatically reduces the amount of time required for each paint job, and in turn, increases the profitability of your body shop. AdvanceCure speeds curing of both solvent-based and waterborne paints, so you can be sure that your finishing operation will improve today, and well into the future.

Heat Unit Specifications:
Ultra Re-circulating Heat System
High-efficiency direct fired system with re-circulating cure mode

SBC Plus1 remote control panel w/ SmartCure

  • Integrates the heat system controls and patented SmartCure technology into one intuitive, user-friendly unit
  • Fully programmable with large, clear digital displays

SmartCure accelerated curing system reduces cure times up to 50%

  • Programmable paint profiles eliminates guesswork
  • SmartCure technology automatically knows what temperature is needed, at what time, and for exactly how long

Automatic pressure control – Servo-motor and Damper

Direct-drive motors

  • No belts or pulleys to maintain
  • More efficient performance

Fuelled by natural gas or propane (oil fuel version is optional)

Four-Stage filtration system extends paint booth filter life

  • Real-time electronic filter monitoring with dual digital display
  • High-efficiency, high-temperature compatible, 8-micron downdraft filter media in Controlled Air Flow Ceiling
  • Multi-stage heat system filtration on Intake and Exhaust
  • High-holding capacity filter media in pit/basement

Optional Equipment:

  • Drive-thru configurations
  • AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System
  • 6-tube corner light fixtures
  • Twin VFD Variable Frequency Drive package for automatic pressure control, Economy Mode function, and soft-start energy saver
  • Working length extensions
  • Raised platform (for installations where pit extraction not possible)
  • Three-row pit, 18′ long
  • Fire suppression system


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