High Efficiency Extended MINI Surface Pleat

The Viledon MINI Series is engineered to meet the exacting demands of today’s critical design and performance requirements. The sustainable MINI incorporates large surface area design with low-pressure drop performance in 2 or 4 inch configurations. The MINI is available in Roughing, 75%, 85%, and 95% efficiencies and in our gas phase carbon filter. The MINI’s compact light weight design offers easy handling while significantly reducing shipping, storage space, and landfill costs. The depth profile of the MINI allows for a modular design concept that can combine roughing and high efficiency particulate with gas phase carbon filtration – all in a unique single stage configuration.




The Viledon difference incorporates the following innovative features:

  1. Proprietary Synthetic Media – Viledon manufactures its own progressively structured, depth loading media assuring low-pressure drop, enhanced dust-holding capacity and extended service life.
  2. Durable Plastic Framing System – Eliminates rust, corrosion, or beverage board (cardboard) failure due to moisture.
  3. Polyurethane Potted Media – Potted media eliminates particle and water bypass.
  4. Synthetic Spacing Bands – Synthetic spacing bands ensure the integrity of the “V” pleat geometry to optimize airflow and low-pressure drop.
  5. Self-supporting Media – Durable media resists tears or punctures during handling, unlike competitive brands.
  6. Modular Capabilities – The Viledon MINI’s can be clipped together as a single unit or installed as separate stages to meet your systems particulate and/or gas phase (carbon) requirements.

Plus! Energy & Pressure Drop Savings!

The Viledon MINI has a pressure drop savings of as much as 55% vs. competitive box filters.



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