AR8000 Industrial Air Cleaner

The AR8000 series industrial air cleaner features 8000 cfm air flow capacity, a 5 horsepower motor, and can adjust up to 10 feet in height.

Unit Specs:
Air Flow Capacity: 8000 cfm 
Unit Dimensions: 30″W x 40″D x adjustable height up to 10 feet
Motor: 5 Horsepower 


  • Forcibly controls ambient dust and pollutants
  • Multi-stage filtration—custom selected for any contaminant
  • Does not deteriorate to lethargic flow levels with usage
  • Powerful and uniform distribution of purified air
  • Non-observable airflow to occupants for comfort
  • De-stratify heat vertically, saving energy
  • Filter life extended 5 times over conventional systems
  • Patent pending

Sustainability points:

  • Improved air quality will improve productivity and performance
  • Longer-life filter will reduce cost and lessen material disposal
  • Significant energy savings by de-stratification of heat layers, homogenizing the air from floor to ceiling to within 5 degrees
  • Multiple filter stages handle any contaminant situation
  • 10 and 16 gage welded steel construction
  • Industrial enamel finish — Clark Air Blue
  • Easy two section installation
  • Five-year warranty available


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