Mist Elimination

Clark Air Systems supplies solutions and services to over 20 industries in the world. Clark Air Systems provides mist elimination systems that separate liquids from the continuous gas phase.

Liquid droplets cause severe technical problems in a process such as reduced process efficiency, physical damage to downstream components, loss of product and process fluids.

Clark Air Systems supplies complete solutions to engineering companies and end users to overcome the technical and environmental risks in order to secure ideal process results. The technical expertise comprises equipment design, flow studies, separation performance guarantees and the delivery of hardware as well as the supervision of installation. During the design phase the customer has a great choice of several consulting services in order to fully extract the technical benefits of the vane type technology.

Clark Air Systems provides Mist Elimination Systems primarily for gas cleaning, intake of ambient air, oil and gas, gas cooling and evaporation. They are found in power plants, process industry, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, sugar, steel, fertilizer, HVAC, shipbuilding and Marine and Offshore applications, etc..

The Separation Technology Behind

Principal of Vane Type Separation

Vane type mist eliminators remove liquid droplets from continuous gas flows by inertial impaction. As the gas (carrying entrained liquid droplets) moves through the sinusoidal path of a vane, the higher density liquid droplets cannot follow and as a result, at every turn of the vane blades, these liquid droplets impinge on the vane surface. Most of the droplets adhere to the vane wall. When a droplet impinges on the vane blade at the same location, coalescence occurs. The coalesced droplets then drain down due to gravity.

Emission Gas Cleaning
Efficient mist elimination protects the environment. Scrubber liquids are effectively separated to meet the emission requirements. Emission gas cleaning is the removal of contaminants from gas flow.

Process Industry
Efficient removal of liquid process carry-over, condensed liquids and contaminants. No industry other than the oil and gas industry has such challenging applications for mist eliminators.

Gas Cooling
Protecting the process and downstream equipment from erosion and corrosion damage. Many industrial processes require gas cooling.

Intake of Ambient Air
Corrosion protection of downstream equipment and keeping filters dry. At sea and in costal climates, the battle against unwanted moisture is endless, but winnable.

Air Conditioning
Mist Elimination keeps the air conditioning system dry. Mist eliminators remove the rain from the incoming fresh air before entering the air handling unit.

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