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The Dust Collector Workhorse:

Dust collectors from Clark Air Systems
Dust collector system designed by Clark Air Systems for knife plant

Designed for reliable performance and easy maintenance, AT cartridge collectors, are providing cost-effective dust and fume collection across the industry spectrum. The AT series includes a full range of units, from collecting dust at single workstations to effectively controlling contaminants from ultra-large industrial operations. With a commitment to excellence at every level, from detailed design to quality manufacture, the Amtech AT series of dust collectors offers industry an outstanding performer in achieving and surpassing indoor air quality standards.


Many industry dust collectors operate with a high level of re-entrainment, meaning that energy and filter life are expended on repeatedly collecting the same dust. Our patented Down Flow Design ensures consistent filtration and efficient dust handling from capture to disposal.

High-Performance Cartridges
With a 99% efficiency rating for sub-micron (.5) particulate, extra-large filters are oriented vertically for even dust loading and efficient cleaning.

Size Availability
Amtech manufactures a full range of capacities for a full range of applications. From the AT-3, with 6 cartridge filters, to the AT-128, with 254 cartridges, every AT Dust Collector is designed for media capacity and optimal filtering velocity to fit the application.

Powerful Cleaning
The patented venturi design optimizes reverse pulse cleaning and increases filter life. With four available methods to initiate the cleaning cycle, every AT dust collector is equipped with the cleaning system that best fits the application.

Improved Fan Operation
Venturi and innovative cylindrical housing increases performance, reduces noise, and simplifies maintenance.

Easy Maintenance

Outstanding design features combine to promote long filter life. Easy access allows each filter to be changed out in 1-2 minutes.

Space Economy
The AT-Series Down Flow Dust Collector has a smaller footprint than comparable units of the same CFM.

Rock-Solid Construction
The AT Cartridge Dust Collectors are built for durability and reliability with heavy gauge steel fabrication, welded seams and joints, tested to assure an air-tight/dust-proof cabinet.

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